Casting Bronze Plaques

If you look at our handcar closely you may notice a number of details.  One such detail are the four bronze plaques that adorn each touring car.  We make these bronze plaques ourselves.  

The process involves creating a pattern that will be used to leave a sand impression that molten bronze will be poured into.  The pattern design is 3d printed in plastic and then attached to a block of wood.  It may look simple, but pattern making is not an easy trade to learn. Mason has made some really amazing patterns for the handcars.

The common question might be how and where do you get bronze.  We make our own bronze with by mixing 9 parts copper, and one part tin.  This is then melted in our propane foundry. How hot, about 1700 degrees F.  When fully melted, the slag or waste is removed at the top and then poured into the sand mould. After a few minutes the casting is removed and after sanding and painting we end up with a finished casting ready to be placed on a handcareach .