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Clark Family Vacations

Over the years the Clark family enjoyed a number of vacations riding aboard Mason’s handcars in California and Nevada.  Most families go to Disneyland. Not the Clark family. We spent our vacations riding handcars across various railroads.    Mom’s name is Donnalee and she enjoyed the all day family experience.  The little girl is Miranda and is now a talented musician at 16 years old. She writes and composes the music in our promotional videos. Dad’s name is Todd and accompanies Mason on most of the outings.

Join our family on this fun video for a handcar adventure on Father’s Day 2013 on the Nevada Northern Railway in Ely, Nevada.  This was a grueling 18 mile round-trip pump up a steep 2.2% railroad grade.  We traveled this same route on our new touring velocipede, making it to the top of the railroad in a little more than half the time. Our touring velocipede is easier to pump than a standard handcar.  Neither the Santa Paula or Monterey Branch Lines have track that approaches anywhere near as steep as this railroad. The Nevada Northern Railway has accommodated our handcar travels for the past 10 years.  It is a long way to travel from Southern California, but well worth the drive.