Monterey Station

Special railroad enthusiast excursion between San Jose and San Luis Obispo with a stopover in Monterey on May 5, 1956. Photo by Ed Von Nordeck

Fort Ord

Another photo from the 1956 excursion. This view is before Highway One was rebuilt into a freeway. In the background is the former 8th street bridge that crossed the track. In the foreground is the former Fort Ord stop that served the Del Monte. The railroad was moved towards the ocean in 1971 to make room for the freeway. Photo by Ed Von Nordeck

Departing Balloon Loop

The excursion rounded the Gigling Balloon Loop named after the family that formerly settled the area. This view is looking north. Photo by Ed Von Nordeck.


This 1969 photo shows an afternoon local headed north through Marina. The newly constructed Highway 1 bridge can be observed in the background. This is the current day boarding location for Handcar Tours. Photo courtesy of Jim Evans.

Balloon Loop

Another railroad enthusiast excursion around the balloon loop on March 13, 1949. The loop was only four years old when this photo was taken. Will Whittaker Photograph

Balloon Loop

Same trip as above, but different angle. Will Whittaker Photograph

Cannery Row

Photo taken in the middle 1970s shortly after Cannery Row was shutting down. Freight trains carrying sand from Lake Majella rolled through here around 5pm. This section of railroad was abandoned in 1979. Photo courtesy of Jerry Lew.


Cannery Row

Another 1970s photo of the afternoon local heading through Cannery Row carrying sand loads. This section of tracks was abandoned in 1979 and the tracks have been replaced with a walking/bicycle trail. Photo courtesy of Jerry Lew.

Google Street View of the same location today.

Pacific Grove

In 1977 the local rolls south towards Lake Majella. Photo courtesy of Jerry Lew 

Pacific Grove

Another 1977 view. Photo courtesy of Jerry Lew.


The year is 1977, just two years before the line was abandoned in this area in Seaside. Photo courtesy of Jerry Lew.