We use railroad motorcars to lead our tours. We currently operate two Fairmont motorized motorcars. Scroll down to learn more about them.

Our primary motorized vehicle is an MT19 built by Fairmont Railway Motors built in 1974. The car was in operative condition when we acquired it in January 2021. We completely disassembled the car and replaced all the sheet aluminum and some of the frame members that were cracked.

Condition we acquired the vehicle.
Completely disassembled the motorcar.
We fabricated a new axle from strong chromoly and placed a keyless sprocket to lessen the instance of breaking the axle during use.

In January 2022 we acquired a Fairmont MT14 motorcar that was originally sold to the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad in 1978. To our knowledge the car was in service on the tracks that crossed through the Rocky Mountains near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The MT14 is a gang car and was used to transport track workers and their tools to work sites. It could be considered the 1960s replacement for the pump car. The seats were not delivered with the car and were added later when it entered private ownership. The crew would have sat on the center console and their tools would have been placed in the wells on each side of the car.

The car was in good operating condition when we acquired it, but it was in need of painting. We sanded off the rust and applied new paint that matched the original color it was delivered with. We retained the original car markings and added a new public safety grade two-way radio to support our usage on the Monterey Branch Line.