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We offer guided handcar and electric rail bike tours across railroad tracks through Fort Ord Dunes State Park 15 minutes north of Monterey.  We are operating between Christmas and New Years and select Saturdays during the winter season. Our tours sell out in advance so reservations are recommended.

We design and handcraft our amazing fleet of railcars right here in California. We offer two types of railcars for those looking for an effortless electric assist experience and our handcar for those looking for something more physically demanding:

Electric Assist Railbike (Easy)

Pedal over our six mile tour route aboard our fleet of electric assist rail bicycle vehicles. Our machines have comfortable seats and use wood centered wheels to smooth the ride. Our all new California built, solidly engineered rail bicycles carry two people and include a state-of-the-art electric propulsion system that will help you climb the hills of the Monterey Rail Line without exertion. These electric assist machines make traveling across our rail line easy. Our amazing pedal assist vehicles are good for riders ages 5 and older.

Handcar (Hard)

These are handcars, meaning you provide the physical effort using your legs and arms to propel the rail vehicle over the hills of the route. When you book one of our handcars, you are booking a car with four seats for up to four participants. The Monterey Penninsula is the only place in the world where you can participate on a handcar tour. If your riders are not regularly physically active we suggest you choose our electric assist rail bike over the handcar. Pumping a handcar over our six mile route may be difficult for participants that are not accustom to physical activity. If you cannot hike or bicycle six miles then you should not choose our handcar and opt for our electric assist railbike. People who regularly exercise enjoy the handcars.

These are guided tours with the handcars and rail bikes traveling together as one unit with trained guides leading on a handcar to the front and to the rear of the group. The experience is about 1.5 hours in duration.

Our six mile long tours travel next to the ocean through scenic Fort Ord Dunes State Park. The scenery is spectacular with the tracks rolling alongside sand dunes, through coastal scrub, Monterey Cypress groves, and finally through a Monterey Pine forest. At the top of the hill the route loops around to itself with a sweeping view of Monterey Bay. Our track is one of the most scenic rail lines in California.

Age, Weight, and other Restrictions

  1. Each participant must be at least 10 years old to ride the handcar, and at least 5 years old to ride the railbike. Riders need to be under 300 pounds to ride the handcar and 325 pounds to ride the rail bike.
  2. We do not allow for babies in slings do to the hazards of an infant not being tethered securely to the vehicle.
  3. All participants must have full use of arms and legs to safely seat and support themselves on the vehicles.
  4. Caregivers of persons with developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum should consider the hazards associated with the handcar before booking. Please consider our rail bicycle that offers better protection from pinch points and other hazards.
  5. Closed toed shoes are mandatory for handcars. Sandals are acceptable for railbikes, but flip flops come off.
  6. Animals are not permitted as they cannot be safely transported on the rail vehicles. (There is at least one dog that was injured on an east coast rail bike operation after its tail got caught in the chain.)


You are paying for a rail vehicle, we do not charge per person fees. 

Electric assist rail bike – carries 2 people. $149 Sundays, $159 Saturdays.

Handcars – carries up to 4 people. $298

We operate in light rain, however we do allow for no-cost rescheduling when rain is forecasted. For details review our rain policy page.

We also host team building events for companies looking to improve teamwork among its workgroups. Visit this link for more information.

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