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Handcar Manufacturing

Mason is currently working over 100 hours a week on the handcar manufacturing project.  Seven days a week he begins at 9am, and works in the shop until 6pm.  Then he returns home and works another seven hours on the plans and sending out bid requests to various shops to manufacture parts for the project.  Various components are arriving regularly as we collect the hundreds of parts necessary to build each of the new touring handcars.

This weekend it is all hands on deck as Mason’s grandfather and cousin came to help out in the shop.  In these photos Mason is seen turning steel rounds to create the tip of the pivot rods that connect up to the drive mechanism.  In the second photo, Saxon machines the pump arm sleeves that hold the wooden handles, while grandpa removes burred metal from the ends.  Each handcar has hundreds of parts that need to be custom manufactured.  We are currently not accepting new handcar orders as we work to rollout our touring machine