If you purchased merchandise or purchased a tour on site from us with credit card as early as July 2021 you may notice the charges appeared a few days ago on your statement. Due to a technical issue with our credit card machine, some merchandise sales were not processed until recently. If you see these charges please note they are valid and we are not double charging you. We encourage you to look back at your statements for the month you purchased from us and you will see the charges were never posted then. When you made the purchase, your transaction was stuck in our machine until it was reset and cleared a few days ago. We wish we could have notified each buyer before processing their payment, but we had no way as the credit card machine processed all stuck transactions at once without our control. 

We apologize for this inconvenience and if you have any questions regarding this manner please reach out to us by email or phone. We will try our best to sort out any issue you may have. Again, we are sorry for this and we hope you understand the circumstance that resulted in this problem. 


The Clark Family (Mason, Donnalee, Todd, and Miranda)